At Secure Currencies, we specialise in creating customised solutions to improve the management of currency exposure for both organisations and individuals. Our main objective is to empower our clients with greater control over currency volatility, while ensuring cost-effectiveness and sustainability that protect your profit margin.

No matter your specific requirements, our team of dedicated finance specialists will always keep you informed with market information, ensuring that you can make informed decisions promptly.

Secure Currencies Solutions

Market Orders

Market orders can be an essential component of your currency hedging strategy. They enable you to make a transfer at an unspecified future date while navigating turbulent market conditions. Market orders come in two types:

1: Limit Order

2: Stop Loss Order

Spot Contracts

With spot contracts, you have the option to convert currency immediately at the current exchange rate, it is the most widely used method for currency conversion.

Limit Order

By using a target order, you can strive to achieve an exchange rate that is higher than the current market levels. Once the rate becomes achievable, your order will be executed automatically. This method is especially useful when payments don’t have a fixed deadline.

Market Watch

Let your dedicated Secure Currencies specialist take charge of monitoring the exchange rate on your behalf and keep you informed with their expert knowledge of the market. This will assist you in placing your trade at the most opportune time.

Stop Loss Order

To safeguard against unfavorable currency fluctuations in a volatile market, you can specify a minimum exchange rate that you need to achieve. This approach provides protection against downward movements in the exchange rate, allowing you to mitigate the impact of adverse currency movements on your finances.

Forward Contracts

By using a forward contract, you can mitigate your currency risk and lock in an exchange rate for up to three years, with minimal or no deposit required. This option is particularly popular among businesses that aim to safeguard their profit margins for future payments to suppliers. Our forward contracts offer a high degree of flexibility, as they allow you to withdraw funds as required before the maturity date.